MDF boards

MDF ploče

Medium-density fiberboards are medium-thick fibers, homogeneous in their thickness, made of chopped broadleaved wood with minimal addition of binder. Density throughout their thickness makes them suitable for milling work, therefore they are to a considerable extent used as a substitute for full wood. The small porosity per section is also used in veneering, which further increases the application of MDF in production of furniture, primarily for fronts of different shapes. MDF is also often used as a support material for veneering and generally for refinement using veneer, laminate, foil etc.

MDF GFE, a new generation product, is primarily intended for varnish-based products. It is different from the classic MDF due to the outer surface layer on which a protective "ground foil" ( GFE) has already been threaded .The role of the foil is to speed up and simplify the varnishing process and to significantly reduce the amount of material used as well as time needed for varnishing by reducing the number of interphases in the varnishing process.

Our offer includes 3 product categories:

  • Crude MDF
  • MDF furniture rear side

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