After choosing the material (decor and thickness) and defining the measures, the buyer defines his order with the seller. The measurements are then processed by a computer to maximize the usability of the board, i.e. the panel from which certain furniture elements will be sawed.

Everything is done based on the order, i.e. the cutting plans and invoices for the offered services. Upon payment, the buyer's order is included in the sawmilling plan. The buyer receives information about the sawmilling and canting date as well as the information about the exact date when the order will be done, if required. After the seller has made the cutting plan, the computer sends it to sawmilling. The board is then sawed according to the scheme from the cutting plan, fully automated , thus eliminating any possible sawmilling errors.

The service of canting or gluing the edge bandings involves closing all visible edges on the parts of the furniture components. Vik-Iverali offers two types of canting:

  • canting using ABS edge banding, thickness 0.5mm (MINI)
  • canting using MINI ABS edge banding, for chipboard 10, 12 and 18mm thick
  • canting using ABS edge banding, thickness 2 mm
  • canting using ABS banding, for chipboard 18, 25 and 38 mm thick.